Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels & Baffles

Our Premium Acoustical wall panels offer an economical solution to sound absorbtion. 
Our construction is 6-7 LBS fiberglass core and these are available in 1/2” to 4” thickness. The most common used
products are 1” and 2” thick. The fabric is completely laminated to the core with our custom adhesives.

Uses for this product are for sound absorption and the use fabric finishes. Recommended applications for this product are: gymnasiums, churches, choral and  band rooms, studios, theaters, office areas and  home theaters.

CORE: 6-7 LBS fiberglass
FINISHES: Fabric, vinyl, perforated veneer
THICKNESS: 1/2”- 4”
MOUNTING: Adhesive, impaling clips, Velcro, magnets, two part Z-Clips.
NRC RANGE: .55 to 1.15
EDGE DETAILS: Square, Bevel, Radius, chamfer.

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