Modular Noise Control Enclosures & Test Cells

Our modular, pre-engineered panel systems include wall and ceiling panels, doors, windows and silenced ventilation systems. Isolated floors, access panels, removable wall and ceiling panels are also available when necessary. All materials are acoustically rated by independent testing laboratories to ensure the appropriate noise reduction for every application.

 Machinery Enclosures  Test Cells Printing Plant Quiet Rooms  Quality Control Test Areas

 Thermal Spray Rooms  Factory Offices Control Rooms Power Plant Offices Guard Houses

 Quiet Rooms-Single or Double Wall HVAC Plenums Blower Enclosures Compressor Enclosures


٭ Guaranteed acoustical performance (single source responsibility)

٭ Easy and quick to install, move or reconfigure

٭ Standard components-custom solutions

٭ No construction mess

٭ Tax benefits

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